A website which is designed to categorize and help people find tutorials on the web. Users can add tutorials to the site, as well as browse them.


An app, compiled using Cordova to create at social media platform for polls and question asking, all the while allowing people to make money.

Student Corner

A Independent Science Rresearch project that I am auditing as a sophomore that aims to make creating student profiles a breeze. (I worked on the profile pages)

Music Manager

A program that organizes your music by artist or album. In the future it will also find and delete duplicates in your music. Created using Electron

BBC to Wiki

Convert BBCode to Wiki Markup using this tool created in Electron! I originally created it using Ruby, but realized how much better Electron was :)

Crypto Price Bot

Since I've been caught up in the crypto craze and mined my fair share of coins, I created a discord bot to help me keep track of prices and update a custom ticker.

Note Extension

A chrome extension that lets the user create a note that is automatically saved to the cloud. (It was created as a christmas present)